2018 Canada Cup Women’s Playing Rules

    1. Tournament rules will be W.B.S.C.


    1. Team Rosters: The Canada Cup will be using an expanded roster of 25 players. This is an elite invitational tournament. We welcome the best female fastpitch players in the world. There is no residency or citizenship rule in effect. Players may play in more than one Canada Cup International Softball Championship. They may be on a Women’s Team Roster as well as a Futures Gold Roster, subject to the age eligibility criteria; however they may not be on more than one Women’s Team Roster (they must be on either a Women’s International or Women’s Elite Team Roster, not both). Any players playing in more than one Canada Cup International Softball Championship must be registered on both rosters before the commencement of the tournament.


    1. Designated Player Rule will be used as follows:
      • A “Designated Player” referred to as a “DP”, may be used for any player, provided that it is made known prior to the start of the game and her name is indicated on the line-up sheet or score sheet as one of the nine hitters in the batting order. The starting “DP” may re-enter one time as long as she goes back into the position in the batting order that she occupied when she left the game.
      • The starting player listed as the “DP” must remain in the same position in the batting order for the entire game. The “DP” and her substitute or replacement can never play offense at the same time.
      • The “DP” may be substituted for at any time either by a pinch hitter, pinch runner or the defensive player being hit for. If the “DP” is replaced on offense by the person being hit for (No.10 in the batting order) or by a substitute, the “DP” is considered to have left the game and she may re-enter one time as long as she returns to her original position in the batting order.


    1. Pitching Regulations as per the W.B.S.C. Official Rule 4.


    1. Equipment as per the W.B.S.C. Official Rule 2.
      • Rule 2: Section 2.4.3
      • MASKS:  All catchers must wear a mask, throat protector and helmet.  Catchers (or members of the defensive team) are required to wear a mask, throat protector and helmet while receiving warm-up pitches from the pitching plate, or in the warm-up area.


    1. Any bat that meets current ASA or WBSC Bat Standards may be used. Only ASA bats having the 2000 or 2004 Certification Mark and not on the list of ASA Non-Approved bats with Certification marks will be allowed.


    1. The Rawlings Core 47 Red Dot Ball is the official ball of the Canada Cup International Softball Championship and will be used during all tournament games.


    1. Five-minute infields will be allowed before each game. The Games Supervisor will notify teams if infields are discontinued.


    1. Run ahead rule: 10 runs ahead after 3 innings or 7 runs ahead after 5 innings constitutes a win.


    1. All protests will be handled prior to the next pitch. The protest committee shall consist of the Canada Cup Chairman, the Canada Cup Technical Director and the Canada Cup UIC or their assignees.  All decisions are final.


    1. The WBSC International Tie-Breaker rule will be used in all games played.
      • Tie-Breaker Rule:
      • Starting in the top of the eighth inning and each 1/2 inning, thereafter, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat, with the player who is scheduled to bat last in their respective half inning being placed on second base. The player who is running can be substituted in accordance to substitution rules.


    1. Five (5) warm-up pitches to start the game and each time a pitcher is relieved. All other times, only 3 warm-up pitches are permitted. On an injury to the pitcher where they leave the game the new pitcher may throw as many pitches as they wish.


    1. Uniform Conflicts: In the event of a conflict in colours of uniforms, the team that wins the coin toss will have the option. The games supervisor has the discretion to call for a uniform change if they feel the colours will be too difficult to differentiate for spectators, media or athletes.


    1.  Accreditation wristbands will be worn on the glove hand of all players.


* Rules are subject to change without notice.