50/50 Numbers

2016 Canadian Open Fastpitch 50/50 Numbers:

July 15th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - ALL CLAIMED
  • Sunnyside Park - ALL CLAIMED
July 16th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - #1190130 Yellow
  • Sunnyside Park - ALL CLAIMED
July 17th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park 6:30pm - ALL CLAIMED
  • Sunnyside Park - ALL CLAIMED
July 18th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park 6:30pm - ALL CLAIMED
  • Sunnyside Park - ALL CLAIMED
July 19th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park 1:00PM - CLAIMED
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park 6:30PM - #1190427 Yellow
  • Sunnyside Park - #0239692 Yellow
July 20th:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - #7667555 White
  • Sunnyside Park - CLAIMED
July 21st:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - CLAIMED
  • Sunnyside Park - #0205604 Blue
July 22nd:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - CLAIMED
  • Sunnyside Park - #0239703 Yellow
July 23rd:
  • Cloverdale Athletic Park - #439687 Red
***If you do not see your draw time listed above, it means the draw has already been claimed. Please note all draws used 2 different coloured tickets to follow BC Gaming regulations (one colour for the 3 for $5 and one colour for the 7 for $10), and both ticket colours were placed in their corresponding draws together. Thank you for participating in this years 50/50 draws! All proceeds support a variety of local non-profit organizations.

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At the coaches meeting you stated that all teams would be treated the same and your word was held by all. My athletes were treated with the utmost respect and loved every minute of this tournament. They rubbed elbows with Team Canada, USA, Australia, etc. and those athletes took pictures, high fived and just made it a wonderful experience for my girls. Thank you!
Coach, Fleetwood Force 96